Saturday, 18 October 2014

Twin Tribble - Rescue Mission

Stardate 2294.10.18


 SPECIMEN: Polygeminus grex (NOT to be confused with Megalopyge opercularis)

Common Name: " Tribble"

HOMEWORLD:  Iota Geminorum IV

STATUS:  "Rescued"

CONDITION:  Ready for Fostering

Attended by:  Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN


The Twins
These identical Twin Tribbles were rescued from the Qochbe'wl experimental facility located in the southern tip of the Uhq'ra Mountains by the crew of the ill-fated USS York.   As identical twin specimens of this specie is not a natural phenomena, the extraction team believe that only one of the creatures is a Polygeminus grex.  

Allasomorph in its natural state
One of the creatures is thought to be an Allasomorph


On return to the USS Stargazer The Twins were immediately placed under 24 hour guard in the converted Cargo Bay 5.  Access was strictly limited to essential personnel.

After prolonged and extensive surgery the binding device binding device joining the two creatures together was successfully removed.   Further studies have identified the joining device as a neural inhibitor. 

The specimens were placed in the cellular re-generator for 30 days. Their survival rate was estimated of 30.075%

Recovery has been a very slow progress and it is believed that their fur - will never grow to the normally luxuriant and vibrant lengths seen in the wild specimens.

Engineering have been able to develop an artificial voice box for the Twins and a recent outing to the Regional Summit 2014 proved that they had now recovered to a point that they were almost ready for re-homing.  Unfortunately one of the Twins was damaged by an over-enthusiastic delegate which has necessitated further remedial surgery for a replacement voice box.

Recovery from surgery was hampered somewhat as the uninjured specimen appeared to be constantly nudging the injured specimen - and separating them completely only reduced them to emmiting high pitched squealing.

Four of Four was assigned to 'holding' duties and several days of missed rest cycles motivated her to construct a 'sling' device in which the Twins could nestle - seemingly content.

As Four of Four must return to her duties and the Twins are now fully recovered we need to locate a suitable Foster Home for them.

Chief Medical Officer:  Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN

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