Friday, 31 October 2014

The Starfleet Medical “Five Minute Clinical Consult”

CMO Personal Log

Stardate 2294.11.01

My new reference book arrived today.

The Starfleet Medical “Five Minute Clinical Consult”
Fifth Edition, Stardate 240407.18

Editor:  Cmdr. Ellen M. Kirtschner, M.D., F.F.C.S.
Chief Medical Officer, USS Aurora

In the past three thousand years of recorded history, the sciences in general, and particularly medical science, have evolved and grown in ways unimaginable even within the past century. Diseases that were previously incurable can now be treated as a matter of course, and researchers across the Federation continue to work on expanding and improving our bases of clinical knowledge.  Indeed, to even such a pioneer of medicine as Hippocrates, Vesalius, Salk or McCoy, modern medical science might seem like witchcraft or divine intervention.

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Chief Medical Officer:  Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN 

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