Thursday, 14 July 2016

Case File: The Niagara Falls Incident

Stardate: 2294.15.7

Initial Assessment - Crewman Recruit Edison Taylor

Referral:  EMH

Case Notes

Crewman Recruit Taylor arrived promptly exhibiting none of the sign of stress one would expect a young human to exhibit after narrowly escaping death from a 52 meter drop into swirly ice-cold water.

Mr Taylor's physical injuries have healed sufficiently to enable him to return to light duties as Porter.

Mr Taylor assures me that he is not a victim of bullying and that he entered oak barrel of his own volition.

I have scheduled 6 more sessions.

Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN
Councelor USS Stargazer NCC 7991

EMH Personal Log

Stardate: 2294.15.7

Treated two individuals for holodeck related injuries:

1) Various cuts, contusions and scratches and a broken wrist. Lucky him, as his holo programme involved "going over Niagara Falls in a ruddy barrel"

2) Several deep lacerations and contusions and a torn rotator cuff from Mountain climbing.

I asked why they did it and both said "because it was there" I said there was a lovely cliff by my flat at one point, but I didn't jump off it!

They were again reminded that safety protocols are on place for a reason and referred to the ship's counselor

ENS 'Doc' Roberts
EMH - USS Stargazer NCC 7991

Friday, 31 October 2014

The Starfleet Medical “Five Minute Clinical Consult”

CMO Personal Log

Stardate 2294.11.01

My new reference book arrived today.

The Starfleet Medical “Five Minute Clinical Consult”
Fifth Edition, Stardate 240407.18

Editor:  Cmdr. Ellen M. Kirtschner, M.D., F.F.C.S.
Chief Medical Officer, USS Aurora

In the past three thousand years of recorded history, the sciences in general, and particularly medical science, have evolved and grown in ways unimaginable even within the past century. Diseases that were previously incurable can now be treated as a matter of course, and researchers across the Federation continue to work on expanding and improving our bases of clinical knowledge.  Indeed, to even such a pioneer of medicine as Hippocrates, Vesalius, Salk or McCoy, modern medical science might seem like witchcraft or divine intervention.

Read More.....

Chief Medical Officer:  Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Twin Tribble - Rescue Mission

Stardate 2294.10.18


 SPECIMEN: Polygeminus grex (NOT to be confused with Megalopyge opercularis)

Common Name: " Tribble"

HOMEWORLD:  Iota Geminorum IV

STATUS:  "Rescued"

CONDITION:  Ready for Fostering

Attended by:  Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN


The Twins
These identical Twin Tribbles were rescued from the Qochbe'wl experimental facility located in the southern tip of the Uhq'ra Mountains by the crew of the ill-fated USS York.   As identical twin specimens of this specie is not a natural phenomena, the extraction team believe that only one of the creatures is a Polygeminus grex.  

Allasomorph in its natural state
One of the creatures is thought to be an Allasomorph


On return to the USS Stargazer The Twins were immediately placed under 24 hour guard in the converted Cargo Bay 5.  Access was strictly limited to essential personnel.

After prolonged and extensive surgery the binding device binding device joining the two creatures together was successfully removed.   Further studies have identified the joining device as a neural inhibitor. 

The specimens were placed in the cellular re-generator for 30 days. Their survival rate was estimated of 30.075%

Recovery has been a very slow progress and it is believed that their fur - will never grow to the normally luxuriant and vibrant lengths seen in the wild specimens.

Engineering have been able to develop an artificial voice box for the Twins and a recent outing to the Regional Summit 2014 proved that they had now recovered to a point that they were almost ready for re-homing.  Unfortunately one of the Twins was damaged by an over-enthusiastic delegate which has necessitated further remedial surgery for a replacement voice box.

Recovery from surgery was hampered somewhat as the uninjured specimen appeared to be constantly nudging the injured specimen - and separating them completely only reduced them to emmiting high pitched squealing.

Four of Four was assigned to 'holding' duties and several days of missed rest cycles motivated her to construct a 'sling' device in which the Twins could nestle - seemingly content.

As Four of Four must return to her duties and the Twins are now fully recovered we need to locate a suitable Foster Home for them.

Chief Medical Officer:  Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chief Medical Officer: The 'Common' Cold and its Male Varient - 'Man Flu'

 Stardate 2294.02.28

Part I - Introduction

I am quite intrigued by a human condition known as 'the common cold' and its male equivalent - the 'Man Flu'.


There appears to be several variants of the 'common cold' including the most severe form which according to suffers is 'life threatening' known as 'man flu'.   According to various sources studies into suggest that men actually suffer more when they are struck down with flu - because high levels of testosterone can weaken their immune response.

One of the major symptoms of the 'common cold' is the Sore Throat.

I have set up a series of experiments to test various remedies including both pharmaceutical and plant based (aka herbal) remedies.


One of the main staples that are available for the human on the onset of the 'cold' are soothing tinsains made from honey and lemon.  However I have also been experimenting by making a tea with  Sage (Salvia officinalis).

Sage has astringent, antiseptic, and antibacterial qualities, and this herb has a long history of use for sore throats, coughs, and mouth inflammations.   It can be used fresh or dried makes an aromatic tea, which is thought to be quite soothing to sore throats.

Sage Tinsain

To make Sage Tea.

Put 2 tablespoons of fresh or 1 tablespoon of dried sage leaves into a small cafetiere.  Cover with 1 cup of almost-boiling water over and steep for 10-15 minutes. Add honey and/or lemon, if desired.

Sage tea may also be used as a throat gargle.

Note: sage tea is generally not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Outside Sources:

Man Flu - Wikepedia

Man Flu - the Truth that Women dont want to hear - The Telepgraph 

Man Flu - Help and Advice Society

Man Flu is a crippling and debilitating disorder indiscriminately striking down male members of the human species without warning. The illness is often referred to pejoratively by female members of the species who are in fact immune from the illness as man flu is now known to exclusively attack the XY chromosome carrier. If Man Flu is kind enough not to kill the infected party it will definitely leave him weak, sick, hurting everywhere and in dire need of TLC. 

For more help and advice including a diagnostic tool - the  'Snotometer© chart - go to Man Flu Help and Advice Society

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Chief Medical Officer: Mission Log: Dwarf Planet Ceres

Stardate 2294.01.23

Dwarf Planet Ceres
Medical Technician Two has been given leave to explore the Dwarf Planet Ceres.  Currently Ceres appears to venting 'water'.

Terran scientists have suspected that Ceres is water-rich, but previous detections have been inconclusive. This is the first definitive evidence of water on Ceres. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the dwarf planet's surface was covered in ice.

My own home world of Nisan, is a water-based planet.

Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Chief Medical Officer: Sub-Commander T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN Personal Log

Stardate 2294.01.19

Personal Log:


Luggage Bags have not yet joined me here on the Ark Royal.

Last confirmed siting:  Nisan Homeworld

MIA Security Officers:

Preliminary investigations are underway regarding the missing security officers.

4of4 is being questioned.

The Andorian Case:  "George Pottster-Zig"

Attendant Pottster-Zig has refuted that "George Pottster-Zig" may be a doppleganger.  Pottster-Zig remains adamant that "George" has been genetically modified.  However the arrival of baby Polygeminus grex suggest that "George" may still be in the custody of the Andorian Physicians.

Chief Medical Officer:  Sub-Commander  T'Vah'L'Qa'YiN